terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2012

"as boas raparigas vão para o céu, as más vão para todo o lado"

Helen Gurley Brown no seu escritório na Vogue

40 anos antes do “Sexo e a Cidade” se tornar um fenómeno, Helen Gurley Brown, chefe de reportagem da revista Vogue entre 1965 e 1997, defendia que o prazer no sexo não era exclusivo dos homens, lutou pela liberdade sexual feminina é a titular da celebre frase “as boas raparigas vão para o céu, as más vão para todo o lado”. Com o best seller “Sexo e a Rapariga Solteira”, os seus conselhos diretos e honestos sobre relações, carreira profissional e beleza revolucionaram a indústria das revistas femininas. De estatura baixa, ar frágil e cabelo sempre pintado, gostava de usar grandes joias, meias de rede e vestidos curtos, comia salada com as mãos porque achava sexy e tinha como maior ídolo Cleópatra.

Alguns conselhos de Helen Gurley Brown::

Why single women shouldn’t avoid the archetypal Don Juan - "He’ll certainly break your heart and will likely give you some sort of awful venereal disease, but dating a Don Juan is worth the trouble. “No girl is really ready for marriage, I believe, until she has weathered the rigors of a romance with a Don Juan. It’s part of her training…”;

Why the workplace may be the best place to meet your bachelor of choice -A girl in love with her boss will knock herself out seven days a week and wish there were more days. Tough on her but fabulous for business!”;

So what do men find sexy in a woman? (Hint: a sexy woman doesn’t “fake it”.) – “… it’s that a sexy woman is quite simply a “woman who enjoys sex.”; “Being sexy means that you accept all the parts of your body as worthy and lovable...your reproductive organs, your breasts, your alimentary tract,”; .. If she naturally enjoys “being sexy within herself,” the more likely she will be “able to enjoy sex.”… Remember, frigidity isn’t a physical disability, It’s a curable state of mind.”

Yes, it’s a cliche, but sometimes the best way to a man’s heart (or into his pants) is through his stomach.

Whatever you do, don’t let your arms get flabby –Your workout routine need not necessarily be grueling, and bear in mind that you might even garner male attention during the act; “The rest of the exercise-program-you-can-live-withcalls for a three-to-five-mile walk every week

In defense of cozying up with a married man - have a definite place in the life of a single woman - as friends and confidants, occasionally as dates and once in a great while as lovers (if they live thousands of miles from you and promise only to visit once or twice a year!)”

Remember that the key to happiness in the single life lies in the journey, not the destination -you may marry or you may not. In today’s world that is no longer the big question for women”… “life will bea good show...enjoy it from wherever you are, whether it’s two in the balcony or one on the aisle—don’t miss any of it.”

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