segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2015

Fashion Icon - Mira Duma and the french style

I Love the French style, but surely isn't to everyone. The French women are tall and skinny, the french women like to wear simple things and be comfortable, they like large coats and shirts, they like suits pants with man shirts, they like practical shoes. They don’t do hair. A discreet but very well thought out style, like Caroline Maigret says: “we are methodical, but chaotic, and this, only french women have. 
Far from this style is Mira Duma, Mira is short and is a russian girl. Mira accustomed us to a sophisticated, elegant and original style, with an exquisite haircut. And now and as Caroline Maigret fan, she is trying to adopt the French style that everyone wants but look good to very few and this is the case of Mira Duma. The french hair and the large jeans, like Maigret, make her even shorter. 

The imitation went wrong it seems like an artificial style. Came back Mira we loved what you are and not you trying to be. Leave the french style for french women because this style is not for you.

Before french style
French style

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