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Bananas all over my hair

Smooth ‘n Silky Banana Milkshake Hair Mask

Bananas are mystical fruits designed by a higher power to be the exact shape and size to fit perfectly, snugly, miraculously on your counter top for two weeks, while you forget about them and instead eat the granola.

They also have a built-in color-coded system: Banana day one is green, banana day three is green, banana day four is yellow, banana day five is as black as the heart of Genghis Khan.

All over the wild of India, there are families of monkeys, bickering about who didn’t eat the last two bananas and now what are they going to do with them? They’re too dark and mushy. The kids won’t touch them, George. What a waste. Fine, go ahead. Just go outside and throw your poop with the guys. I’m sick of discussing this, anyway.

Well, here’s a way you can avoid that conversation. You’ll also avoid spending six hours debating whether you should throw the bananas away or bake banana bread, during which time the bananas grow legs, get up, and just walk away, sick of your indecision.

Smooth ‘n Silky Banana Hair Mask. You don’t have to use old bananas for this; you can use any bananas your heart desires. It’s just a way to use up those crusty, spotted fruits so you’re not just tossing them in the compost bin and hiding your wasteful head in shame.

Best of all – it really does work. Just about the best hair conditioning you can find this side of the buffet table.

Smooth ‘n Silky Banana Milkshake Hair Mask

1-2 bananas (maybe 3, if your hair is really, really long and thick)

Whole milk or coconut milk, enough to thin out the bananas

Honey (optional)

Cocoa powder, strawberries, or a peach (optional)

We’re just going to talk about the basic hair mask, which is lovely and perfect as it is, and then in a minute we’ll talk about other ingredients you can add if you want to kick it up a notch.

OH, before I forget to mention, YOU CAN TOTALLY DRINK THE LEFTOVERS. Do not attempt this with regular hair conditioner.

First, you want to take your banana(s) and blend them in some way, either in a blender, food processor, with a stick blender, or just by mashing and stirring really well. You want to do this until you have a slimy paste. No chunks. Just slime.

If you have chunks, they will probably adhere to your hair, move in with their kids, and refuse to leave when you shower. So no chunks.

Then, you just drizzle in milk, monitoring the thickness of the banana. You’re aiming for a consistency that is nearly identical to regular hair conditioners.

Once you have this blended and smooth, it should be relatively runny, but still thick enough to stay on your hair. Again, go for the consistency of regular hair conditioner.

After this, you can add in your optional ingredients and blend them in there very well.

How to apply the Smooth ‘n Silky Banana Milkshake Hair Mask

Start with dry hair and work over the sink or in the bathtub

Consider that this might be an excellent hair treatment to use as you take a stress-relieving bath; otherwise, you’ll need a shower cap or well-wrapped towel to prevent dripping all over the world

Apply as much of this mask to your hair as you can, making sure it’s saturating your hair and caressing your scalp

Put on your shower cap or wrap your head in a towel

Leave this on for 15-20 minutes

Wash as normal (you may or may not need to condition your hair, just see how it feels after you wash it), but make sure you get ALL of the mask out of your hair, or you’ll walk around smelling like old bananas and sour milk

Enjoy your beeeeeeeauytiful hair

Rule of thumb for all homemade beauty treatments: Do not ever try a homemade beauty treatment an hour before you have to be somewhere important. Practice them first on boring days, before you’re slated to meet the queen or whatever important things you do. Get to know what different ingredients do to your hair or skin, first. Just in case your hair hates things like bananas, and you never knew. Wouldn’t want to shame the queen.

Adding goodies, here are a few ideas:

Honey - for even more moisturizing

Cocoa powder - which is also moisturizing, and it’s great for brunettes or redheads who want to boost their deep brown tones

Strawberries are clarifying - but they’d also be great for anyone interested in adding a bit of a slight red highlight (note: none of these “highlights” are strong, and they won’t last past your second wash)

Peaches - are great for delicate, broken hair, as well as blondes who want to soften the brassiness in their hair

Strong green tea, wonderfully clarifying, would be great for any hair type, and it would make for an interesting flavor combination when you drink up what you don’t use on your hair.

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